Welcome to the Website of Cerri Lee – Artist, Writer and Druid

As a writer and artist I am inspired by and driven to interpret the world around me. The Arts are and always have been my primary  passion; everything interests me: music, dance, writing, sculpture in fact all things audial or visual. In so many ways and in their many varied forms, the arts continue to profoundly challenge and change my perceptions of the world. They walk hand in hand with many other loves such as nature, philosophy, history and anthropology as my inspirers.

My spiritual path is Druidry and it is fundamental to all my work. For those not familiar with Druidry, it is a spiritual path that takes the Book of Nature as its guide encompassing: the turning of the seasons, flora and fauna, the stars in the heavens, the myths, legends, folklore and archeology of Britain in particular, but also the world at large. It’s about re-enchanting this beautiful world on which we live. Of reconnecting with it in a way that is inspired by our ancestors, yet reimagined and adapted to bring it firmly into the modern age.

Now if the combination of all the above is not something to be inspired by, I don’t know what is?

Though I love to work in many art forms I find writing, clay/ceramics and, more recently, creating silver jewellery, are mediums that afford me the most satisfying spiritual expression.

I divide my work time between various writing and artwork projects, facilitating various Druidic camps/workshops and groups, as well as being roady, driver and general assistant to my partner Damh the Bard who is a Folk musician.