It has been some time since I posted a blog the reasons for that being a particularly challenging year for my family’s health and well being, a new puppy that took some serious work to make him sociable and loving and all on top of a busy work load to boot.
However I feel things are finally finding their feet again and I can feel the creative juices beginning to flow once more as the year winds down and winter begins its slow yet inevitable approach.
Last year I began a project to write a story for each turn of the pagan year. This all started quite well and I am truly grateful for the lovely comments that the writing and the two audio versions of my stories have received. But due to life events taking over I am still two stories short of my target. However, I am in the middle of writing the penultimate story which has a Beltaine theme.
At over 6500 words it is the longest story so far. In my mind the characters of the story are in suspended animation, my imagination holds them frozen in the act of walking toward their destiny. In my minds eye I can walk around them, touch them, see their expressions and feel the tension in the scene as it hangs at a crucial juncture. They wait for me to put finger to keyboard once again.
At the moment there are at least three, maybe even four possible endings to this tale. The outcome is not at all clear right now as my protagonist has to make some difficult choices. Which way she will go? I can not say, not until I open the page and start typing. Only when the action is unfrozen and she is given her freedom will an end come into view.