For me working with clay is one of the most magical ways of making art, and making the Gods and Goddesses is where I feel an especially powerful connection to the divine.

Before I begin work on a God statue I will often invite the deity into my dreams; I will then research and meditate on their stories and histories to get as close to the deity as I can on a personal level. However some images just evolve out of the clay and these images are always the most surprising to me.

Here is a page to illustrate some of the statues I have created over the years, many of them were created as commissions. However I no longer take on commission work, but I do continue to create. So from time to time I will add more images as they come into being and some may well be for sale.

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EarthEarth Mother


 Horned God
The energy and dynamic power of the natural world

greenhorns The Horned Man
An image that for me evokes the primal shaman

moon A Moon Goddess
A maiden aspect

moonmousehare-copy Another Moon Goddess
This one is more personalised for a client

dancingmoon Dancing Moon
This was a purely personal image

Venus-copy Aphrodite (unfired)
She was made to a clients instructions

Athenaglazed Athena

chaos Chaos
This along with the previous two were made for the same client

Harvestposter Harvest

elenposter Elen of the Ways

This one grew out of the clay of her own accord

This double piece I have done in various ways

my first ever sculpture