Well at this time of reflection and returning light I thought I’d get my lazy fingers into writing mode again. I have been some what slack in regular posting for which I offer humble apologies and give to myself a ‘must do better’ sticker for the computer, to motivate me.

A few days before this solstice I was struck by a bit of numerological flash of inspiration. Now I am the first to admit that I am not, by any means, an expert on numerology. So I needed to go and check in various places, the details of my illumination. I really hope that I have worked this all out correctly or all this will be a bit of a damp squib! I would be more than happy for anyone with more detailed knowledge out there, to put me right if I have erred.

After much scouring of the web and checking in my limited book references, I found that the numbers I had in my head did seem to be correct, but also I felt, very significant. The whole idea of this solstice being portentous and exciting seemed to be born out, at least for those of us who are in the northern hemisphere and in the same time zone as Britain. This was a little overwhelming but happily not apocalyptic, I will attempt explain my apparent revelation……

The date of the solstice 21.12.2012  translates thus 2+1=3, 1+2=3,  2+0+1+2=5, so  3+3+5=11.  11 is a master number and therefore not reduced to 2, but does hold the characteristics of the number 2.

11 has a meaning of instinct, it is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge. Negative aspects of the 11 can be anxiety, shyness, stressed energy. 11 can be conflicted, but it can be incredibly dynamic if focused on a specific goal and you must guard against self sabotage.

Master number 11 is best used to create personal power and spiritual evolution. Allow your instincts, your inner voice to guide you toward growth and stability. This number is the number of faith, associated with psychics and even prophets.

The precise time of the solstice in the northern hemisphere, in Britain’s time zone was 11.11am, so….11+11= 22 I hope it is so and not 1+1=2, 1+1=2, 2+2=4 or this whole theory goes to pot right here, although even with the numbers reduced it is still significant to my mind!

22 The Master Builder: Is the most powerful of numbers, it is the number that can bring the greatest of ideas into being. It is practical and if worked with discipline, ambition and confidents can bring amazing success. But like all things there is the need to be aware of the pit falls of applying to much pressure to yourself of running scared to take the opportunities offered by the universe. With 22 we have a real opportunity to change the world in an effective and practical way.


33 Master Teacher, by combining 11 and 22 to make 33 we enhance all the aspects of intuition and the ability to bring them to fruition to an entirely new level. If this number is used to its full potential, it will work for the greater good. The ideas will go beyond personal agendas to focus on humanitarian issues and will be capable of changing the world. It represents, full knowledge of self and situations also the ability to work to full capacity.

33 is rare and only significant when it is a “core” number, which I think holds in this case as it refers to this situation, considering it is related to a significant solstice.

So to sum up 11, 22 and 33 make a triangle of enlightenment, which we can take into our understanding, using them to make focused changes in our own lives and as a consequence, changes in the world with the energetic ripples we create.

Now if I have got the sums right, I feel that is an amazing idea to bring into the new year. Happily the media hype and general hysteria that surrounded the Mayan calendar and any apocalyptic insights it might have had, have now passed us by without incident, so we can move into new cycles with an open heart. As I type this post I am aware of the last full moon of 2012 is climbing into the night sky and I am thinking about how I can make good use of everything I have gleaned from this last cycle. So amongst my other new years resolutions, I absolutely resolve to make as many positive ripples into the universe as I can manage and I urge everyone to join me.