a moment of stillnessIt is some time since my last post and the reason for that is an immensely busy year of travel and incredible experiences, both wonderful and scary. I always take at least a few moments everyday to thank the Gods for the amazing gifts I have been given, today is no exception. Tired as I am from the constant travelling, working and general hubbub of our crazy, creative and magical lives, I would not change much at all.

However there comes a time when you have to look at what you are doing and really make sure that you are working with full conscious energy and not just flying along on the crest of a wave only to be dumped down on a distant shore with no idea of which way is up.

With that in mind and it being that time of year, just after Samhain and just before the Winter Solstice, it feels right to bring things to a gentle but firm halt for just a little. To take a little time to take a breath and review the adventure so far, I guess that turning fifty years of age also adds to the need to review and retune, being, I would imagine, more than half way through this crazy little thing we call life.

For myself and many others Samhain is a perfect time for reviewing the year and some say that the energy and focus of it lasted for anything up to a month in ancient times. There has been a lot of hardship and change for many that I know and care for across the world, though most that I speak to are philosophical and accepting of the changes it has made for a tough year. My own family have had to face very worrying health scares of family members and watched as they struggle to change long held patterns of behaviour, to find a new and healthier way to be in the world. Watching someone you love struggling is harder than going through it yourself in some ways, but in order for the changes to work the person has to be able to climb the mountain and plant the flag of success themselves. That sense of achievement and empowerment is not something you can give anyone, but you can be there to encourage and support their efforts all the way.

This year I have deliberately pushed myself beyond my own boundaries of comfort and emotional safety. I have given a talk on my artwork in Vienna and workshops on a number of subjects close to my heart at the various wonderful places we have been to in Australia, America, Canada and the Czech Republic and have been given fabulous support that has even given me the confidence to start my book….watch this space. I feel I have grown and worked on myself and even want to try more things next year.

My primary spiritual work this year has been with the energies of the Cauldrons of Transformation and Inspiration (not very surprising considering it being 2012) and with the deepening of knowledge through experience of this land’s ancient tales of Arthur’s Grail quest and Ceridwen’s story. Both of these ancient tales contain so much of our primary knowledge of British Shamanism, but for me they also contain much that can help us connect to and understand our nations fundamental nature. My Guide for the Arthurian journey has been the Lady of the Lake and my symbol of connection to her is a mirror a powerful tool and no mistake, but more on that another day.

Suffice to say I am not done with my journeys in


to our ancient tales by a long way yet, maybe not until the day I leave for the next world. But at this moment, as allow myself to bob gently on the deep waters of emotion and experience, I am calm and reflective and almost ready to catch the next wave when it comes to pick up this little coracle and set it racing onto the next part of myjourney.